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More information about Mr. Sinclair will be forthcoming.

Jill Heath,

TongRen Co-Editor

Jill Heath has been studying the internal arts since 1990 and has taught Taiji and Qigong in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. since 1995. She made her competition debut in 1999 with a personal best in 2001 of 3 gold and 3 bronze medals at a single tournament for form, weapons and push hands. In April 2008, at the National Canadian Kung Fu Fellowship tournament, she received 3 gold and 2 bronze medals in 5 events (form, weapons, moving and fixed step push hands, shuijiao). She has been certified as an Associate Healing Tao instructor, Tai Chi for Arthritis instructor, Senior Level instructor (Canadian Taijiquan Federation), and is a Past President and Director of the Canadian Taijiquan Federation. She continues her studies of the internal arts and considers herself fortunate to have studied with numerous Taiji masters over the years; however, she cites Sifus Helen Wu, Nick Gracenin, and Sam Masich, as the three who have most influenced her development and added to her understanding of this internal martial art. In 2012 she was officially included in the family lineage of Sifu Helen Wu.


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